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Rugged tablets have become one of the most sought-after gadgets in everyone's life in modern times. However, the distinction between business tablets and rugged tablets is still misunderstood. People enjoy surfing the web, watching videos, checking emails, connecting with friends, and other everyday activities in their free time. These are all good uses for a business tablet.

However, many people don't realize the enterprise-level versatility of tablets when used for specific work tasks and functions. In warehouse environments, tablets can also act as virtual mobile workstations on the move, allowing users to run basic operations, manage business analytics, work with other employees, and even operate machinery.

The sorting and transshipment centers of major express companies are in a busy scene, and staff can be seen everywhere holding rugged tablet computers to complete the following tasks efficiently and quickly:

Warehousing management: After receiving the warehouse-in order, put the product into the warehouse according to certain rules. When the electronic tag enters the electromagnetic wave range of the reader, it will be actively activated, and the electronic tag will communicate with the reader to prepare relevant data. collected into the system. You can also directly use the handheld rugged tablet computer to collect product data at close range. Then compare the relevant data with the order to check whether the quantity and model of the goods are correct. Any errors or omissions will be handled manually. Finally, the goods are sent to the designated place and placed according to the regulations.

Outbound management: Use the Rugged Tablet PC to collect electronic label information, check whether it meets the plan, and classify the outbound goods according to the delivery plan. When an error occurs, an alarm will be issued, and the staff can handle it on site, and finally send the data to the management center to update the database and complete the delivery.

Inventory management: Use the Rugged Tablet Computer terminal to scan the commodity inventory, and the inventory information can be transmitted to the background database through the wireless network, compared with the information in the database, and the generated difference information will be displayed on the real-time rugged tablet, and the inventory staff will check. After the inventory is completed, check the information in the inventory with the background database information, and the inventory is completed.

The main advantages of the staff holding the rugged tablet are: first, the body is mini, easy to carry; second, the protection performance is high, and it can operate normally in various storage environments; third, it can support various Advanced network communication modules, such as gigabit network ports, dual-band WiFi, 4G/5G, 4G full Netcom, etc., can ensure that warehouse administrators can use it under any network conditions; its operating system can support windows or Android7.1 Operating system, for warehouse management application software, the compatibility of the two types of operating systems is the best, and both can support secondary development; using Intel high-performance processors, built-in large-capacity memory and solid-state hard drives, can provide fast and smooth Excellent operating experience; rich interfaces, built-in USB input and output interfaces, HDMI high-definition input and output interfaces, and RS-232 output serial ports, all of which can better expand its functions in the field of warehouse management.

The following are the specifications of a SINSMART Rugged tablet, for reference only by users in need:

Basic parameters

Product Model Number SIN-I1012E
CPU Intel® Core™ i5- 1235U/17-1255U
Display 10.1 inch IPS screen 16: 10, resolution 1200 x1 920,70nits/400nits 10-point G+G capacitive screen
Memory 8GB, Optional 16GB (support64GB)
Storage capacity 128GB,Optional256GB (support 512GB)
Camera Front 2.0MP+Back 8.0MP
Battery performance

Dual battery: 700mAh/7.4v (small battery) built-in polymer lithium ion battery

5000mAh/7 4v (large battery) detachable polymer lithium ion battery

I/O port

USB 3.0 Type-AX1、USB Type-C x1

SIM card x1

TF cardx1 support 128G

HDMI 1.4ax1,12pins PogoPin x1

Φ3.5mm Standard Headset portX1

Φ5.5mm DC Powerportx1


Operating temperature:-20°C-60°C

Storage temperature:-30°C-70°C

Humidity: 95% No condensation

Protection features: IP65 certification, MIL -STD-810G certification

Fal height: 1.22 m fall resistant composite wood floor

Electrostatic discharge:±8KV contact discharge,±15kv air discharge

Power adapter AC100V -240V, 50Hz/60Hz, output DC 19V/3.42A
Expansion module(one of four)

Network port: RJ45(10/ 100M)X1, support customized

(10/100/ 1000M) network port serial port: DB9(RS232)x1,

USB2.0:USB 2.0x1 two-dimensional

code: EM80 hard decoding/optical

resolution: 5mil/scan speed: 50 times/s

Size 289.9 x 196.7 x 27 4mm
Weight 1140g

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