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Application of embedded industrial control host in the field of patrol robots

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the development of patrol robots is gradually rising. The intelligent patrol robot uses the technology of the Internet of Things, integrates laser + inertial navigation + GPS positioning technology, realizes intelligent patrol, and realizes the identification, detection and analysis of people, things and objects through various sensors and thermal imaging technology , You can also broadcast reminders or publicize related content through language, which greatly liberates manpower and improves work efficiency. According to different indoor and outdoor patrol scenarios, different types of indoor and outdoor patrol robots, fixed-point patrol server robots, and special department-specific robots can be selected.

The robot control system is the brain of the robot and the main factor that determines the function and performance of the robot. The control of the robot's movement position, posture, trajectory, and operation sequence in the workspace is inseparable from the support of the embedded industrial control host. Due to the relatively harsh working environment of the patrol robot, the requirements for the hardware of the control system are more stringent, and an industrial computer with excellent processing performance that can adapt to a wide temperature environment is required. The compact mini size and durable fanless design of the embedded industrial control host can withstand the requirements of harsh industrial environments to ensure stability and durability, and truly achieve small body and large energy!


Application of embedded industrial control host in the field of machine vision

Machine vision system is to use machines instead of human eyes to make various measurements and judgments. It is an important branch of computer science. It integrates technologies in optics, mechanics, electronics, computer software and hardware, etc. Recognition, artificial intelligence, signal processing, optomechanical integration and other fields. The rapid development of technologies such as image processing and pattern recognition has also greatly promoted the development of machine vision. Automated visual inspection solutions enable improved product quality in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, semiconductor and other industries. From the display position of fixed to mobile video cameras, high-speed three-dimensional analysis, etc., all need to use machine vision to replace manual work. In principle, the machine vision system is mainly composed of three parts: image acquisition, image processing and analysis, output or display. As the main control device of the management center of the machine vision system, the embedded industrial control host is used with image analysis and processing software to calculate features. According to the calculation results, the industrial computer controls the actuator to perform actions such as classification, elimination, and alarm.

Application of embedded industrial control host in intelligent transportation industry
The fully automatic electronic toll collection system is one of the service functions of the intelligent transportation system. The ETC system uses the automatic vehicle identification technology to complete the wireless data communication between the vehicle and the toll station, and carries out the automatic induction identification of the vehicle and the exchange of related toll data. The computer network is used to process the charging data, so that a fully automatic electronic charging system can be realized without parking or setting a charging window.

The embedded industrial control host is mainly used in the lane controller of the expressway toll system. Through the serial port, DIO and video acquisition card, it can read and write controllers, vehicle-mounted machines, traffic lights, alarms, character stackers, toll displays, Automatic railing machines, canopy signal lights, vehicle detectors, ground sense coils, cameras, card readers, etc. are all under integrated control to realize charging. And control the lift and drop bars, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle passage. The ETC driveway machine industry tends to be integrated and integrated design, and the requirements for internal space are more stringent. The embedded industrial control host can well meet the requirements of integrated and miniaturized field applications. The wide temperature fanless design can effectively improve the long-term operation requirements. reliability and stability.

SINSMART-embedded industrial control machine, motherboard product solution

SINSMART is a professional one-stop solution expert integrating embedded industrial computer, fanless industrial computer, and industrial computer innovation, research and development, and production. Relying on leading industrial computer technology, it has created a series of complete computer boards and industrial complete machines. , Embedded systems and other computer product solutions can be dedicated to various industrial fields.
.The product supports Intel Celeron, Pentium, and Core series CPUs, supports X86 architecture domestic Zhaoxin series CPUs, and ARM architecture domestic Rockchip series CPUs; the multi-IO function interface design can meet various peripheral access requirements;
.Supports DVI+VGA+HDMI display, supports up to three displays, supports various expansions such as PCIE network card, capture card, accelerator card, etc., and has all-round application features such as low power consumption, high reliability, and high stability.
.It can provide hardware support for many industrial fields such as medical self-service equipment, digital control, interactive client, media player, and information system.

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