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What is the advantages of fanless IPCs

Fanless industrial computer (embedded industrial computer, low-power industrial computer) is a compact computer specially designed for industrial sites. The fanless industrial computer can be flexibly applied in harsh environments such as temperature and use space, including automotive, medical, retail, monitoring, electronic billboards, factory control and other application markets that require low-power systems.

Features of fanless industrial computer

1. The all-metal industrial chassis conforming to the EIA standard is adopted, which enhances the ability to resist electromagnetic interference.
2. There is no fan in the case, and the heat is dissipated by the case, which greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system.
3. Equipped with highly reliable industrial power supply, with overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
4. With self-diagnosis function.
5. There is a watchdog timer, which automatically resets without human intervention when the machine crashes due to a fault.
6. It is convenient for multi-task scheduling and operation.
7. Compact size, thin volume and light weight, so it can save working space.
8. Various installation methods, such as rail installation, wall installation and desktop installation.

Impact of fanless industrial computer

The new round of huge demand for intelligent equipment in industries such as automobiles, communications, information appliances, medical care, etc. has driven the development of fanless industrial computers and systems. Different from traditional industrial PCs, fanless industrial PCs are oriented to specific application fields, customized and developed according to application requirements, and penetrate into all walks of life with the general demand for intelligent products.

With the continuous innovation of hardware technology, the processing capacity of the hardware platform is continuously enhanced, and the hardware cost is continuously reduced. The fanless industrial computer has become a key and driving technical product for the digital transformation and intelligent value-added of products.

The advantages of the fanless industrial computer are mainly manifested in the following four points:

1. The size of the fanless industrial computer is small, and the main components of the computer are cleverly integrated in the chassis;
2. The performance of the fanless industrial computer is excellent. It uses Atom's high-performance and low-power CPU. It not only has good performance, but also has low heat generation;
3. The fanless industrial computer is rich in functions. Due to the closed chassis adopted by the fanless industrial computer, although the expansion function is limited, the reserved interfaces are very rich. Not only the high-definition display interface is reserved, but also 2 ~12 USB ports and 2~12 serial ports, suitable for multiple environmental applications;
4. The performance of the fanless industrial computer is outstanding. The scientific and reasonable design of the alloy machine can not only prevent dust, moisture, and vibration, but also work at -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C. In addition, the ability to resist electromagnetic interference is relatively strong.

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